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Coin Pusher 365 adds personality to gatherings and fits in any space

Want to make your parties more fun? Check out Coin Pusher 365. It brings the classic arcade game to your home, 365 days a year.

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Boost your status as a party host with the Coin Pusher 365. This home arcade game fits in any room and holds real money, professional coins, and prizes. It’s sure to make your event a hit.

Planning a birthday bash at home? Or maybe you love arcade games. In either case, consider adding the Coin Pusher 365 to your man cave or she shed. It’s the classic arcade game in just the right size for your home. Let’s check it out.

Coin Pusher 365
Coin Pusher 365
Coin Pusher 365
Coin Pusher 365 in different scenarios

Place this arcade game in any room of the house

The trouble with most arcade games is their size. A full-size Skee-Ball or Pac-Man machine will likely take up your entire basement or living room. Luckily, Coin Pusher 365 has the ideal dimensions for home use.

It stands just 27.5 inches high, 14.6 inches wide, and 17.7 inches deep. That’s roughly the size of a mini fridge, so you can set it on shelves, tables, entertainment centers, and more.

Coin Pusher 365
Coin Pusher 365
Coin Pusher 365
People playing Coin Pusher 365

Enjoy the same features as professional machines

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Although Coin Pusher 365 boasts a compact design, it’s just as fun to play as professional machines thanks to its high-quality features. For instance, the machine has an all-metal casting and includes a pin wall, 3 coin chutes, and a moving tray.

Then, the hidden holes on the sides make the coins disappear. And, of course, the tilted edge makes it harder to win, just like the games at the county fair or local arcade.

Coin Pusher 365
Coin Pusher 365 lock

Show off the beautiful game design

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Meanwhile, if you love games, this home arcade machine is ideal for any room. Its geometrical lines, neon lights, and large viewing window add the feel of a carnival to your space, and the whole machine acts as a statement decor piece.

Imagine showing it off to your friends and treating them to an evening of prizes. Your home would become a pretty popular place. This game also looks great in sports clubs, in office break rooms, and at any party.

Add fun prizes to this classic arcade game

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Speaking of prizes, you can choose pretty much anything. Fill the machine with candy bars and lollipops for your kid’s birthday party. Or go for poker chips and beer caps for grown-ups-only parties.

Toy unicorns, figurines, surprise eggs, and mystery tickets also work. The sky really is the limit, so you can get as creative as you want. And you can even add real money to the machine, upping the ante.

Relax at home while playing this coin pusher game

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While Coin Pusher 365 will undoubtedly enhance your parties, it’s also great for solo at-home arcade gaming. There’s something relaxing about watching the pusher move the prizes closer to the drop-out area.

Of course, it’s exciting to win at any time, even when you’re on your own. It also makes great entertainment for kids.

Get 500 included game coins

What’s more, you get some cool freebies with your purchase, like 500 metal game coins. You and your guests can use them as tokens to cash in for prizes.

This game also comes with a lock and keys. You’ll feel like an actual game operator, opening the window to fill it with fun prizes.

Support a team that has already sold over 150 machines

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Created in 2020 during the pandemic, Arcadro is the team behind the Coin Pusher 365. It has already completed several prototypes and sold 150 machines of a former version. With a long background in building businesses and e-commerce, it’s a team that knows its game and gaming.

Buy a long-lasting arcade game

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Made from wear-sensitive components and durable materials, this home arcade game was designed for decades of use. Even if something breaks, it’s easy to disassemble for repairs.

Even better, Coin Pusher 365 is a more sustainable choice than full-size arcade games. Since the machine fits UPS and FedEx standards, it can go through home delivery systems instead of special couriers that require more fuel for shipping.

Grab Coin Pusher 365 for parties

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If you love games and host numerous parties throughout the year, you’ll love Coin Pusher 365. Designed for home use, it fits any living room, game room, break room, or office space. It offers a vibrant, gamified design and gives you an arcade experience at home.

Love the Coin Pusher 365? Back it for about $688 on Kickstarter. Do you play any home arcade games you’re crazy about? Tell us about them in the comment section!

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